I am excited to share some good news today. We have been chosen as the IRA Prudential BimaLab 2021 Award winners. The award comes with cash grant of 1.25 Mn and an opportunity to participate in the upcoming IRA Sandbox.

First let me appreciate all the participants, mentors, judges and organizers for the good job.

This award is a recognition for the work we have put in with our partners to drive insurance uptake among the underserved communities. But most importantly it’s an appreciation to the leaders who have signed up their groups and encouraged their members to take up insurance.

At chamasure we have decided that insurance must be for all! That is why we have crafted unique products for each group members with custom offering and pricing to suit their lifestyle. This is made possible through use of Artificial Intelligence to create accurate user profile and also to address the pain of slow claim process.

Today’s customer is informed, independent and rightly feel they are intelligent enough to make any purchase decisions. This is why we are also improving our smart engagement module to enable users to get to understand insurance in its raw form. You will agree with me that the numbers one reason people shun insurance is trust. Everyone feels that there is always an hidden card. Our smart platform enables users to ask any question and get real clarifications thereby eliminating the twisted sales agent narratives that have eroded trust in insurance.

As we join the Sandbox, I am counting on the support from Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) and our other partners to ensure that no one is left behind when it comes to safeguarding our financial welfare.

Again congrats to our team, partners and customers for being winners!

Seroney Memba