On this day in 2020, one of our founders asked a question. How is it possible that majority of people in local communities can easily access most of financial services on mobile but when it comes to insurance, they get left? This is the question that gave birth to Chamasure. Described by bloggers as “The Kenyan Insuretech start up that aims to safeguard the economic future of over ten million people in low income communities.”

The barriers to insurance access for “our people” have been quite clear for long. For customers, cost, awareness, trust and culture stand along the way. For traditional providers KYC, insufficient data, elitist perception, rigid products and low margins lowers their interest in the people at the base of the economic pyramid.

As a solution we built a digital platform that factors user needs, breaks down the barriers and infuses insurance into the daily needs of the customer. Its been one year of Chamasure and i am pleased to share with you a few of the milestones we have achieved since formation.

Chamasure communities

We are proud to have partnered with more than 30 community groups in the past one year. Through continued engagement, we have modified our offering to fit into the daily operations of the group members and offer them even more. The most exciting part of this journey is how customers have owned this process from peer education, onboarding and claim checks.

Our products

Every day we get user requests for products for products that we have never even thought about. Together with our partners we have innovated around the products to meet these demands. The most interesting feature is the Gift programme; where a user can gift someone else an insurance cover. From family, domestic staff or even friends.

To learn more on our journey, you simply download the CHAMASURE App and joining others in Tasting Insurance!

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