We have made it possible for everyone to be able to access insurance in the most simplified way. We focus members of local informal groups especially in low and middle income communities.

Here are the simple steps to buy your self a cover.

For Individuals

To taste insurance in CHAMASURE as an individual, you will download the app on playstore by clicking this link. You then signup with a few identification details, choose a suitable cover and pay via mobile to get covered instantly.

You also watch explainer videos on app to learn more on why we are the most suitable provider of insurance.

Chamasure for groups

  1. Group admin downloads the app and registers.
  2. The admin chooses a group insurance cover and invites fellow group members to join.
  3. Members pay premium as per selected cover category.
  4. The fully paid members get protection immediately payment is received.

Gift Insurance

Beside getting insurance for yourself and group, you can actually gift someone insurance. Once you download the app, you simply need to select the gifting tab, add recipient details, pay and have your special ones covered!

Benefits of Chamasure Cover

Chamasure offer a variety of benefits tailored for our customers. Key among them are fast claim process, seamless mobile payments and affordable costs.

We have ensured our customers have full control of the full process from onboarding, peer vetting, voting on claim validity and know when claims are paid.

With all these at the palm of your hands, you have no reason to miss out on Insurance! Download CHAMASURE App today and Taste Insurance!

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