Over the last decades, insurance was structured to suit only people in formal employment and with regular income. But with growth in internet and smartphone penetration insurance is fast becoming a more accessible financial instrument enabling low-income households to manage their financial risks. And with the rise of digital tools such as CHAMASURE, more and more people in underserved communities are now able to manage risks and reduce their vulnerability in the face of financial shocks.

CHAMASURE offers members of informal groups within a particular locality an opportunity purchase insurance cover at affordable rates and easy and flexible payment models.  Membership to groups is voluntary and be in group locality the experience of each of them relies on mutual solidarity.

Informal groups and community organisations are not new when it comes to pooling against risk. However due to nature of existing unsuitable insurance products, biased campaigns and awareness drives access to financial inclusion has been greatly suppressed. That is why CHAMASURE focuses crafting data based custom products, regular in App education to ensure no one is left behind for any reason.

Groups that we serve usually have low income and most of the time have to make a decision between food, shelter and education before they even think of financial stability. This is why we have built products available for as low as 100 Ksh (1 USD) accessible to anyone and premiums payable monthly via mobile money.

Technology is the pillar of access to insurance..

The number one reason groups are pooling together to get insurance with CHAMASURE is trust. Besides the promise of seamless onboarding, traceable payments and fast claim settlement, we give group members an opportunity to self asses and have a fina decision who can be in their group. Members also have an opportunity to participate in claim assessment and have a say in the final claim settlement. This is practable since members hail from same locality!

Better still for the members, they earn a cashback every end of period if we have fewer claims than a set treshold.

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